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As there are hundreds of models available
It is an important topic to discuss and decide how to choose a bat that is perfect for you. Consequently, ... ...

As there are hundreds of models available

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Posted on: 06/06/18
It is an important topic to discuss and decide how to choose a bat that is perfect for you. Consequently, you will play your shots in straight position and mostly you will be using the center place compare to a short handled. So check the weight properly before buying it. Therefore, the weight should be somewhat manageable so that you can handle easily even if you get tired. If you can hold it with comfort then its good for you but if you cant handle comfortably even for few seconds then it is not suitable for you, because while playing you have to manage it at least for 60 minutes.
 Following are some important points that you have to consider before going to buy a cricket bat. With a little budget, you can only choose low grade English willow bats but if you are ready to spend little bit extra money, then you can buy premium quality bat that will be with you for a long time. You can check the heaviness of by holding it in one hand. When it comes to make a good amount of runs, keep in mind that you are going to use your bat at least for an hour. Of course! Your budget is the main consideration to start the selection process. 
It is entirely depend on your personal choice. If you have strong body then you can buy heavy bats. Once you have decided the handle size, think about the sweet spot and where you want it to be. This type of heavy bat is also work for long time than light ones and they do not chip easily. So you have to decide where you want your sweet spot to be, and then in order to assure yourself just hit a cricket ball and find whether it is rightly placed where you would like it to be. Several cricketers like it to be low; some prefer the sweet spot to be in the center, whereas others like it to be lightly spread.A cricket bat is one of the most important things Auto accessories manufacturers to batsmen then other accessories.
 As there are hundreds of models available, it is easy to buy the one that is trendy and attractive but difficult to choose the one that go well with your hitting style. Catch it from the top of the handle and lift your arm completely above the shoulder, wait for few seconds. Even though, nowadays long handles are not in trend but if you are somewhat taller then a long handle will be fairly good for you. For the true cricket lovers, even sound of the willow hitting the ball is also very enjoyable. . Some time you might have heard that the top-class players sleep along with their bat before a cricket match. Now you have to consider the height of its handle. They are fine to make big shots


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